WestSlope Analytics reduces the technical and organizational risks of your Business Intelligence efforts by offering:

1 BI Organization Assessment

We will assess the status of your organization's BI tools, staff, data quality, and your readiness for taking the next steps in your BI capability evolution. We will create your BI roadmap.

2 BI Advising Services

We will steer your BI efforts and staff in the right direction as you do the work.

3BI Consulting / Staffing Services

We will bring whatever skills are needed to help you succeed in your BI efforts.

4 BI Training Services

We will make sure you have the proper skills needed to succeed in your BI efforts.

5 ETL / Data Cleansing / Data Integration Services

We will make sure your organization understands your data. We will identify and document the meaning of your data. We will automate the extraction and transformation of your data from their source systems and load it to the reporting destination(s). We will capture data from outside youe organization as needed to enhance your decision-makers confidence. We will make sure your information is ready for your decision-makers when they need it.

6 BI Outsourcing

We will handle as much or as little of your BI effort as you'd like. We can rtake over all of it or parts of it. We can make BI happen faster and cheaper because we share hardware, software, and staff resources across organizations. We deliver BI capability without the hassle, and do it very quickly.