• WestSlope Analytics was started from a desire to accomplish two goals:
    1Bring world-class Business Intelligence capabilities to organizations at a reduced cost.
    2Reduce the risk of implementing Business Intelligence capability.

    Until now, game-changing business intelligence capability was only available to organizations that pay millions of dollars for the best tools and people. With WestSlope I continue to offer BI consulting services in any or all aspects of the BI lifecycle, and I have created a technology stack including database, ETL, and BI Visualization software that can be used to quickly deliver value while reducing risk. The BI software I have chosen to use is Yellowfin, which is the easiest to use and best value of any BI tool.
    Westslope utilizes a method of data analysis called Object Role Modeling (ORM) to be clear and concise about the meaning of data and business processes. It is the direct link between business and technical terminology, which reduces risk.

  • Joe Garrett Joe Garrett Joe Garrett406-531-9605

    For the past 20 years I have designed and built Business Intelligence systems at some of the country's largest corporations. I've been called upon many times to correct failed attempts at gaining competitive advantage via BI systems, and have addressed the political environment, skills gaps, technical gaps, and design shortcomings of the organizations and their systems. I've used most database, data transformation (ETL), and visualization software tools, and know what processes work to enhance competitive advantage via your data (and what doesn't work). I have a unique ability to tie the technology directly to the organization goals by being able to clearly understand and communicate both the technical and business aspects of a problem. I live in Missoula, Montana for it's beauty, good people, and access to the outdoor activities I love.