• Our Basic Process For Delivering Value

    Although we are a technology company, we focus almost entirely on the business aspects of the technology. We have the technology in place, with all major software functions (Database, Data Transformation, Data Visualization), so we can focus on what the business needs, instead of on which hardware and software to implement. From the first day we engage with you, we work on delivering business value quickly.

    We meet with your decision-makers to understand what keeps them up at night, and help identify key goals and questions that need answered.

    We meet with IT people to identify the best sources of data to answer the business questions.

    Then we go through a process of working with your data:

    -Capture the necessary data from your main operational systems, spreadsheets, web sites, and integrate it so it is easy to utilize.

    - Develop a dashboard to identify bad, missing, or questionable data, and feed it to the business experts for correction / verification.

    - Create a dashboard or two and get feedback from business experts.

    - Modify the dashboards as needed, get extra data as needed, etc...

    Once the initial dashboards are agreed upon, the business experts direct our work by identifying new questions they need to answer, and we start the process over again.

    NOTE: Dashboards and reports are created with Yellowfin, our chosen BI tool.

    As additional data sources / fields are added to the system, it becomes more and more powerful at enabling your decision-makers.

    We make your decision-makers more effective, make your IT people look good, and free business and IT time to devote to your core strengths. We are adept at utilizing your business experts' knowledge while requiring very little of their time.

    We do not sell hardware or software. We sell a subscription to utilizing your data, and partner with you for the long term good of your organization. Too often, Business Intelligence systems fail to deliver the expected value over time because they don't evolve as your business does. So we stay involved to ensure your system stays relevant and delivers value, and we do it at a cost that is much lower than if you do it yourself.